The heart is an oscillator

The heart is an oscillator is a sound performance composed of a set of sound hearts, handmade jewelry pieces mode in boxes of chocolates.
Every heart has its own input and output audio signal to be interfaced. They have been manufactured largely with electronic waste recycled components, incorporating electronic faults and aberrations.
The arrangement of the hearts not fixed; mini synthesizers, sequencers, drum machines, filters and distortions that make up the set are connected together by wires, so that the route that the signals can take is different, leading to a chaos of textures, feedbacks, noise and arrhythmia.
Thus, the different sounds that are played randomly exploring the field of audible and inaudible frequencies, such as physical sensations and vibrations as cosmic messages.
In performance laptops not used, all devices that compose it are open source hardware and can be found on the web

Constanza Piña
Corazón de Robota

Visual artist, dancer and researcher, focused on experimentation with electronic media, open-source technologies and practices DIWO. Her artistic proposals are presented in various formats integrating dance, sound performance and participatory works.
Her work reflects on the role of machines in our culture and the human-technological units, questioning the idea of education, capitalism and patriarchy techno-centrist in relation to open
knowledge, autonomy and enhancement of technical manual work.
Interested in recycling, hardware hacking, soft-circuits, handicrafts and electronic wizardry, generates her sound project Corazón de Robota (Robot Heart) with synthesizers DIY, where she explores the field of audible and inaudible frequencies as physical perceptions, vibrations as cosmic messages, noise and arrhythmia.
Constanza works under the philosophy of free culture and electronic anarchy, her research on synthesizers handmade and electrotextiles can be seen documented on her web