Sista Piksel

We are thrilled to collaborate with Piksel in an incredible space for a night of music and dancing at The Mill, a venue which has yet to be used for these purposes. This vibrant and unique festival will showcase many sides of art as The Mill will be used as a venue the entire day with concerts in the evening before we take over with TECHNO!

Piksel 16, ZERO-Level is an international festival for electronic art and technological freedom in Bergen. From 24th to 27th of November, concerts, AV performances, exhibitions and workshops will take place at BAS, PIKSEL Studio 207, Room 8 and The Mill. Artists coming from a dozen countries will be presenting DIY electronics instruments, visual programming, live coding and FM radio workshops. Check the program at and find us in Facebook:

Line up from midnight in no particular order:
DJ MarkQ
Richard Blanco