Performance :

    SAT 26 Nov – 14:00
    SAT 26 Nov – 16:00

Incorporating performance, walking and field recording, artist Tim Shaw offers a sound-responsive journey through urbanspace, immersing you into a familiar yet abstracted environment.*Intersect* playswith the sonic sphere through space and allows participants to navigatethrough a variety of composed and ‘naturally occurring’ environmentsfacilitated, processed and remediated by the artist.

During a 40-minute led walk through an area of Bergen, you will wearwireless radio headphones which will receive an audio feed of liverecordings, locational radio broadcasts and electromagnetic energy from youimmediate environment.

Sounds will be processed, layered and re-introduced live by the artistdirectly into your headphones as the walk continues. Using a radioreceiver, electromagnetic pick up coils and a variety of differentmicrophones, a diverse range of sonic material will be collected, processedand broadcast. A live improvisation with the immediate soundscape, uniqueeach time it is performed, this piece plays with memory, intuition andimpulse.

Tim Shaw
Culture Lab, Newcastle University, UK

Tim Shaw has worked internationally as an artist, performer, sound designerand researcher. His practice is situated within media art and draws uponsoundscape and electroacoustic composition, performance making and DIYtechnology.Collaboration plays a central role in his approach, he has been luckyenough to make artistic work with Chris Watson, John Bowers and SébastienPiquemal. Shaw has presented work in various venues worldwide including Café OTO, Eastern Bloc, Touch Radio, NK Projekt, Abandon Normal Devices,ISEA, Stereolux, APO33 and FACT Liverpool.