Electronics for Schools

RuidoParaNiñxs (RPN) is an open process that seeks to integrate people to the use and practice of electronic technology, from autonomous construction, with applications in music, art and everyday life. It includes actions such as workshops, exhibitions and multiplications of this process, applying various modules on some elements that, as a result stimulate the exploration and creativity in the use of electronics in a domestic way, the development of new technologies more efficient and experimentation and openness To new practices and paradigms, developing these actions in a playful and collaborative way with a community of participants.

The workshop provides the development of the RPN method, a method developed based on pedagogical experiences in Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Ecuador and Colombia, and which is a method to introduce people in schools to electronics, from scratch, through practice of the construction of basic electronic musical instruments. The method uses many metaphors to introduce concepts such as energy, polarity, voltage, amperage and the importance of Free Culture in this process.It is aimed at teachers in two 90-minute sessions

Marco Paúl Valdivia Pacheco

Arequipa – Peru, 1982.Conducts research, management, and sound and visual creation; explores the possibilities of working with sound and moving image as a means of expression; is project manager and platforms for work around the knowledge, information, access and technology as possibilities for cultural development of free societies.
Work research projects, development and dissemination of alternative media in contemporary creation, action as expression, alternative possibilities for more inclusive knowledge distribution, and other projects on culture as a system of free development, and manages tools to create multimedia content , programming and electronics