Duration: 6hours
Age: 8-18 years old.
Exhibition: Bergen City

Living Ligths proposes to experience the importance of light in life. Hands-on activities explore the differences between fluorescence and bioluminescence, phosphorescence, electroluminescence and more.

Biolight, life and light, includes from photosintesis to living organisms that produces light. KidZ will create their own pictures using bioluminescent bacteria (we will post photographs online the next day) plus glowing freebies to take home.

Cristian Delgado AKA Neoangel (México)
Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico Molecular and synthethic biologist, from Faculty of Sciences UNAM CU, works on posibilities of applying biological aspects to technology, from biomimetics to bionanotechnology, also he worked on DIYBIO developing tools from synthethic biology, including collaboration with interdisciplinary projects like ARTE+CIENCIA, BIOSCENICA, PDI UNAM, UNESCO, ICTP, 3DMJMAKERS among others, with a special emphasis on art and science, with works awarded by MIT, UNAM, and others.