BOLKA – solo SuperCollider performance

Bolka (Matus Kobolka) is known as the hot guy who is into glitchy microtonal compositions and whose cap has a very wide fanbase. Currently, he performs with Wii wireless controlers and SuperCollider.
His work is strongly connected to glitch culture, as well as to academic electroacoustic music. After years of building his own software instruments and struggling with micro-compositions, he finally released his debut work on LOM label in 2012. Since than he is performing as electroacoustic improviser.

Matus Kobolka

Matúš Kobolka aka Bolka is a composer, performer and open-source enthusiast currently based in Bratislava. Throughout some time, Bolka’s practice has shifted from merely free-improvised electronic music to more rigorous tactics embracing comedy, “genre-bending”, injection of academic approach into popular music production and vice versa in a subversive manner. He aims for estranging computer music along with the ways of performing it live, which often leads to explicit abuse of technology and playful sonic outcome. He uses a custom-made software written in SuperCollider programming environment in combination with naïve hardware solutions.
In 2012 he released his glitchy, digital maximalist debut split album with Jonas Gruska under LOM label.In 2016 graduated from the Institute of Sonology in the Hague.Lately he has been enjoying laptop band HRB/BOL which he started with his partner DJ BOL and sound designing in the area of theatre.