Enactment is an audiovisual work of interactive entanglement placed in between sonic and visual transformations. These relations combine intensity, frequency and timing of sound events during a live performance where visual events are triggered according to sound analysis.

The program is based on a set of sound generators that are used to manipulate tridimensional meshes behave as the sound waves: these meshes raise, collide and emerge accordingly to live sound dynamics provided both by software and hardware synthesisers. The data obtained from the sound impulses also modify light intensity, and meshes transformation. The sound modules software based are a tape looper, wavetable, and pulsar synthesis.

Enactment takes as a reference the notion of “Cognitive Enactment” referred by Chris Salter and Kramen Franinovic as a process in which the Sonic Experience enables humans to learn from meaningful interactions with objects that imply an ecological approach in interactions between user, interface and environment. This way, Enactment is made to be controlled as a tool to improvise with visuals and sounds while affecting mutually in closed loops.

Juan Carlos Duarte
Pixelache – Helsinki

Juan Duarte Regino, Mexico City (1985), media artist.

I work on interactions as a tool for generative art experiments . The exploration of digital and analog platforms as agents to transform that express sonically and visually materials. Meanwhile, a hybrid engagement between environment, users with artefacts and interfaces can work to explore new realities.
The exploration of sonic experiences put in public space may bring an opportunity for a ludic and cultural approach on technological exploration.
My work has been presented in CTM Festival 2015, Spiral Gallery,, AAVE Festival, Bonniers Konsthall, Rundum Showcase, ICLI 2014 , Ljudmila, Radio and TV Museum of Lahti, Centre for Contemporary Art – Ujazdowski Castle, Mänttä Art Festival.
Since 2014 I am part of Pixelache – art and activist group based in Helsinki. Bringing media art practices for social engagement, and technological appropriation.