The Invisible Hand of the Muzhik

A fictitious conversation between Adam Smith, and Vladimir Lenin.

Gabin Cortez Chance
Artist for self


All though I’ve been working primarily in digital media for several years now. I’ve always felt my creative process is more akin to the cave painters of prehistoric Spain, and France. I like to feel as if I’m doing some sort of Magical act. Some sort of Shaman like Ritual connecting me to another dimension, something beyond myself. Rather than creating just another Cultural commodity to be bought, sold, or invested in like Pork Bellies, or Oranges. Sensory stimulation is important to my art, but it is only one facet of what I’m trying to do. My Art must have some kind of Political, and Philosophical(usually one and the same) direction. It must be about the now, looking through the lens of the past, progressing to the future. For me the Digital is my Magic wand of the Hyper-Real, and my Simulacrum of Geist. How could this be for sale. It is a Gift assembled from the best parts of other Gifts. From a long line of Artists,Thinkers, Witch Doctors, and Prophets going all the way back to those afore mentioned Caves. And probably even before that.