The Fish and Us

How do you create good water for people and for fish?

The Fish and Us solves this problem. It takes either rain water or barely drinkable water from the tap and filters it to drinkable water. Then it takes this water and adds one last step. For people it adds trace minerals. For fish, such as aquarium fish, it removes ammonium as fish do not take to it very well.

Visitors can have a glass of water, or bring the water making machine to a fish tank and feed the fish fresh water. A mini-computer displays the service hsitory of the machinery and tells the story of the gold fish it serves, and of the boys who love their goldfish.

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Marc Böhlen / RealTechSupport
University at Buffalo Media Study

“Artist-Engineer Marc Böhlen aka RealTechSupport (RTS) offers the kind of support technology still needs. RTS designs information processing systems that critically reflect on information as a cultural value. His art work has been shown internationally and recognized in awards including the VIDA/ALIFE award (2004) and the VILCEK digital arts award (2013). Recent work has focused on public computational media, the study of how computation systems impact public life”.