Ohanda One

workshop @ BAS :

    THURS 24 Nov – 14:00
    FRI 25 Nov – 14:00
    SAT 26 Nov – 14:00

Zero emission, open hardware & open science trans-ocean research platform. Sailing in 2020. It’s about the journey, not about the destination.

We need truly international criss-cross disciplinary art & science safe havens for celebrating and fostering curiosity in the scale that can make a difference. We have CERN on land ISS in space. Ohanda One will pilot a fleet of sea vessels, capable of crossing the ocean, gathering 100+ curious minds at a time for research and prototype on their topics of choice. Ohanda One is about open science, open software & hardware, open data and formats. It aims to be emission-free in the first five years of sail. Onboard, each individual will be a part of greater collaborative team, and besides their own topics, work together towards the sustainability goals. We work together, we make food and eat together, we relax together. There are no passengers.

In this workshop we want to take the first steps to making this a reality. We will be presenting the progress so far and working on clarifying the underlying ideas. We want to create a new organisation for the project and to find partners, linkages and connections with others. We welcome participation, sharing ideas, advice and critical feedback. We are working with an international group towards a project in 2017 to test out some of the ideas. Join Crew.One.

Juergen Neumann

I started working with computers in 1984, and since then have been looking for ways to deploy ICT in useful ways for organizations and society. As a consultant for ICT strategy, I have worked for major German and international companies and NGOs. In 2002 I co-founded Freifunk, a not-for-profit community of free and open wireless network activists. My recent activities include open source(d) hardware, a FLOSS based knowledge management tool and lobbying for open radio spectrum.

Tuomo Tammenpää

Julian Priest