Decentralized sculptural media art installation project, critical infrastructure project

Antenna sculptures disguised as landscape art pieces at three or more different sites on the planet serve as a distributed electromagnetic receiver array capable to intercept radio communication and locate its sources. On each antenna site, the electromagnetic range between DC and 200MHz is mapped and a database of visual and auditive samples of the electromagnetic commons is created. A print publication on the results and the underlying theoretical concepts as well as the practical usage scenarios and recipes for re-creation or addition to the array will form the final result of this ongoing artistic research project.
Year of inauguration: 2015
Status: ongoing

Martin Reiche
Studio Martin Reiche Berlin

Formally educated as a computer scientist at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany, I became a student of media art of Michael Bielicky at Karlsruhe University of Arts and Design. Today I am a self-employed media artist and independent researcher living and working in Berlin with interest in space, perception, digitization phenomena, digital anthropology, power relations and minimalistic aesthetics. My work addresses issues such as international power networks, religion, changes in the human condition through technology, mass surveillance and electronic and physical warfare.

I have created interactive installations, sculptures, video works and experimental computer games for festivals, museums and galleries worldwide, including ZKM Museum of Media Art, ZKM Museum of Contemporary Art, Athens Digital Art Festival, INCUBARTE Art Festival Valencia, ETDM Estonian Museum of Applied Art and Design Tallinn and A MAZE. Festival Berlin.

I give talks and workshops on minimalistic human-computer interaction and on how to exfiltrate data out of surveilled networks. My latest theoretical book, “Real Virtuality” is an edited anthology on theory and applications of virtual spaces.