Fake Ocean From Electronics

Fake Ocean From Electronics is an audio performance between 20 and 30 minutes where Chloé is taking electronic sounds from daily technologies (such as cellphone, coffeemachine, digital clock, lamp, etc…) and send this sound on Arthur’s puredata modular system.
People doesn’t really understand the importance and the potential of electronic wastes thrown during their life. Our process is to create a big space of sound (like an ocean) from zero instruments, just using those wastes as oscilators in a DIY audio workstation.
Therefore we want to present the potential of those wastes, prove that their energy is still functional and useful and show that via open-source knowledge you can have your own way of thinking techonogical tools and a reduced consumption.
We’re presenting noise-music and poetry from dead machines and trying to resurrect their energy flux.


Chloé Malaise Arthur Hureau
Noise happening i bergen / nantes school of art / apo33

We’re a french artists duo working on new-medias (DIY, open-source, electronics, architecture, sound) dealing with daily consumption, ecology and dystopia.

Chloé is into installations, visual and conceptual aspect of our works, Arthur is working around DIY techniques and socio-political aspect of our works.

Our two different backgrounds of digital cultures bring to us a wide field of possibilities and coherent visions of modern world.