By the Sea: Coral Empathy Device

In this journey to the sea, listen in on the conversations between coral and human. TheCoral Empathy Device translates corals’ experience of human effects on the sea intosomething human understandable. Liquid to air, coral to human, the Coral EmpathyDevice is an experiment in interspecies empathy, into subjectivity, into borders, intodecentralisation, into the self and the other and the flows in between. Melding bodies,made by the sea.

Kat F Austen
Kat F Austen a new media artist whose interactive and responsive work explores ourconnections to complex systems in an environmental context, focussing on different formsof knowledge and affect. She is Artist in Residence at the Faculty of Maths and PhysicalSciences at University College London. Her work has been exhibited/ performedworldwide including at: NYU Shanghai, Shanghai; MIKK, Murska Sobota; Palazzo Ducale,Genova; Kulturbrauerei, Berlin; Museo Diego Rivera, Mexico City; The Crystal, London,UK… She has had residencies at NYU Shanghai, ArtOxygen Mumbai, LAStheatre, TheClipperton Project and Utter! Spoken Word among others. She lectures for the Bachelor’sin Art and Science (BASc) at UCL on Citizen Science and Art, and has been an invitedlecturer at locations worldwide on interdisciplinarity, art science and DIY/citizen science.She is an expert for the European Commission in arts and science, for Futureshapers andthe UK water regulator Ofwat on water resilience.
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