A Virtual Bathymetric

“A Virtual Bathymetric” uses frame-by-frame drawing animated in JavaScript to re-create the tracings of local and global shipping trade routes and sea floor topography. By stylizing these routes as abstract imagery, the concepts of mapping and documentation are brought into question and re-imagined. Placed into a 3D copper cube of holographic projection screens, the image multiplies and distorts, creating its own faux topography. “A Virtual Bathymetric” is not your usual room-sized projection mapping onto an object, indeed it is very small. In being so small, it allows the viewer, perhaps even forces, a more intimate connection; a one-on-one interaction with a holographic ocean.

Alinta Krauth
Independent Artist

Alinta Krauth is a multidisciplinary new media artist who focuses on projection art, interactive art, sound art, art games, generative art, and digital literature, and is interested in experimenting with links between these fields. She is also passionate about the environment, and is interested in ways to tie social relevance into interactive pieces – particularly with regards to sustainability, climate science, and consumer culture. She has seen her works exhibited globally in such places as Brisbane to Bergen, Virginia to Vienna, Paris to Melbourne, Vancouver to New York City.
Alinta has lived in rural Australia for her entire life, and her background is in cultural theory and creative writing. She likes to use these understandings to help her create historically and culturally considered works. But most of all Alinta is simply curious about the world and all its creatures – real and imagined.